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Sounds FunSounds Fun is a fun way to... er... make sounds fun.  It targets early phonological awareness, which we know is one of the strongest predictors of literacy success later in school.

You receive:

  • 21 picture cards and three number cards that are used to count out beats (syllables) in words.
  • 24 picture cards that focus on eight rhyme families. Perfect for matching rhyming words and for finding "the odd one out".
  • 24 picture cards that highlight six initial sounds. Children are taught to identify first sounds and match pictures that start with the same sound. A key word for each start sound is utilised.
  • Two photocopiable templates to make puppets. Making big-eared Listening Larry and Sound Sally is a fun group activity. They can then be used to model and reinforce the concept of listening for different parts of words.
  • Game instructions and teaching tips.

Uses: The games can be used in individual or group activities to promote the first three steps of phonological awareness.

Suitable for: Children aged 3-6 years. Particularly useful prior to formal literacy instruction.

$46.00 (inclusive of GST)