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Daisy DogDaisy Dog's Days is a very versatile language resource for use with preschool children to early primary students. It promotes storytelling, sequencing, vocabulary as well as incorporating some barrier game activities - a favourite of speech pathologists.

 It follows the adventures of Daisy the Dog over seven days.


Seven lots of 5-part sequence photo cards (35 cards).

Three barrier games including 2 laminated bones and 2 Daisy Dogs to place on the pictures.

35 sequence images on a CD-Rom. These can be sent to a child's iPad for extra practise or viewed on an interactive whiteboard (Smartboard). You can also insert these into Microsoft PowerPoint and record a narration - great for self-monitoring. (Instructions are included).

7 stories with an incomplete ending (on CD-Rom) to be used as an oral or written task

7 pages of "cut-up" strips (on CD-Rom) to arrange and match to photos.

 A Week chart (on CD-Rom) to rehearse recall.

 A memory game to reinforce vocabulary learnt.

Daisy Cards

Kids love this program as demonstrated from this email...

Do you have any more of Daisy (or something similar) in the pipeline?? I can't begin to tell you how successful it has been and many of my students have finished the 'week'. One is quite distressed at not having any more to do!  I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Lauren Reid (Speech Pathologist)

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